Damian Burns

Damian Burns
Playing around...

Damian spends his time trying to figure things out.
He still reads books like "The Design of Everyday Things" and hopes that these seminal teachings are still ringing true in his work.

Damian works at makemagic indsutries inc. as President, Lead Developer and the Wizard with the floppiest hat.

Down Time

While taking breaks from solving the usability problems in the known universe, Damian likes to spend time with his family and friends. He plays piano, guitar and bass, writes songs, reads books , and dances dances.

After spending time doing the rounds in North America (Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Toronto, and San Francisco, to name a few), Damian now resides not far from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Site Technologies

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Oot And Aboot

When Damian was young he wanted to be a Rock Star or Han Solo
You can find Damian playing Glitch sometimes, he is known as magicDamo there.
This might sound lame, or meh, but he still likes to play Angry Birds on his iPhone.